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We know there are a lot of partners out there to choose from. Our mission is to provide world-class technology solutions that enable our clients to reach their business goals. Here are four ways we bring value to our clients and why you would choose to work with us.


Many partners create solutions that are designed by technology engineers. This results in a solution that makes sense from an IT standpoint, but when used, is not so practical from a business perspective.

Our focus is on the business first and foremost, with the system playing a supporting role. Based on our strong understanding of operations, accounting and technology, we take pride in designing solutions that are comprehensive and powerful, yet elegantly simple.

Our exceptional solution architecture is one of the main reasons many of our clients have switched to us from larger partners. From the beginning, clients can see the difference. We guide prospects in gathering important data on their operations and core requirements, incorporating this into a highly customized, innovative solution proposal. Come see why Calsoft solutions are among the absolute best in the industry.



Technical Expert by Your Side:  Calsoft’s in-house technical engineers make up 78% of our workforce – recognized by Microsoft as a strong differentiator among hundreds of its partners. Since partners typically have a small number of technical engineers, their project managers reassign these engineers quickly from project to project in order to maximize profitability. This results in lower-quality solutions that leave the client unsatisfied and frustrated.  

Calsoft’s long history in custom development software and strong technical workforce means your solution will be designed, implemented and supported by the same technical engineer that stays on your project from start to the end. Clients often overlook the importance of this when vetting partners, but come to realize it in later stages.

A Deliverable Promise: It is a common issue in our industry that the sales people overpromise what technical teams can deliver.  This conflict becomes a source of anxiety for customers who are relying on that solution to work.

At Calsoft, our technical delivery team is part of the sales process. The solution we propose to our clients is designed and presented by the very technical expert who will be on the project and build it. This saves everyone’s time by preventing misunderstandings that can happen later in a project.



Microsoft also recognizes Calsoft as one of their few partners who specialize in international projects. Calsoft has a multilingual project team that can implement projects in organizations that span multiple cultures, currencies and compliance regulations. We have successfully implemented projects all over the world. For global companies, Calsoft is the right partner for you.



Commitment and Responsibility: Calsoft stays with our clients until the system works and the client signs off -- fully satisfied.  As your partner, we take joint responsibility for your system not just from beginning to end, but into the indefinite future.

According to Gartner’s survey, 75% of ERP projects fail. We’ve witnessed this first-hand when clients come to us after having a bad experience with another partner. Due to the complexity of ERP projects, it is not uncommon for even reputable ERP partners to abandon projects after a long implementation process but before the system works. At Calsoft, we work together with you until your system is not only running, but is also delivering the business value you were seeking.

A United Team: At Calsoft, the experts we select to conduct your demo will be the same to work with you on your project. This means there are no surprises -- you know who you are signing up for.  This gives you a consistent experience you can rely on not only from sales to support, but for years after as your business grows into the future.

Solution-Level Support: Many Microsoft partners have a clear separation between their implementation division and the support division. Once the project is complete, the client is transferred to a support team – and these two divisions are disconnected. This is a source of frustration for clients who need to start over with explaining their situation only to receive limited support.

At Calsoft, our clients can get helpdesk support for basic issues, but they can also get consulting level solutions for complex issues that affect the entire business or system. Our collaborative teams and high employee retention allow our clients to easily connect to the original project implementation members for fast resolution.  

This kind of exceptional support has proven to be immensely valuable to our clients. Many of our clients have switched from other partners to Calsoft for this reason alone. And they have said to us that this kind of Personal Touch sets us far apart from our competitors.

Good Character and Integrity: Since our founding, stakeholders have always said to us: “Calsoft has good people.” This plain simple truth is a significant reason why our client relationships have spanned decades.

Calsoft was founded on the sincere and honest values of Japanese business culture. With a dedicated work ethic and friendly service, we treat clients with respect and gratitude. Our clients trust us to act with integrity.  With ERP systems being the backbone of any business, you simply can’t put a price on having a partner you can trust.